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The article is about vital environmental problems and ways to tackle them. Our responsibilty towards nature and the earth, towards the world we live in as well as towards our descendants makes the society to use environmental brainstorming. It may include the number of the newest trends. They are 1. Recycling for its results are impressive; 2. «green» technologies such as resource saving, less consuming technologies; 3. Changing our mind to be eco-friendly, i.e. fashionable and beneficial both; 4. Transparent environmental policy; 5. Using the newest agricultural technologies to solve the environmental problems — to restore minerals, to increase biomass etc.; 6. Alternative energy as a nice choice; 7. Changing our mind to be eco- responsible. These are the tasks we are to brainstorm and to tackle.

vital environmental problems, nature, environmental brainstorming, recycling, «green» technologies, resource saving, less consuming technologies, the newest agricultural technologies, alternative energy, eco-responsible
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