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The work is aimed at solving one of the most important fundamental and topical interdisciplinary scientific problems of the Russian Federation – the need for scientific substantiation of optimal options for the functioning of state policy in the field of use, protection, protection and reproduction of forests in the Russian Federation through economic mechanisms aimed at effective management of the forest sector of the economy and increasing gross domestic product in the forestry sector based on market demand for products. Hence, there is a special interest in the processes of the spatio-temporal dissemination of innovations for the country’s forestry complex, especially which are the guarantor and basis of intensive forestry, but due to the specifics of my reproduction, I have a deferred economic effect relative to similar innovative products obtained with the help of basic technologies. The paper provides an analytical review of the rate of diffusion of innovations in the sectors of the forestry complex based on the analysis of reliable and objective indicators, in accordance with which it was concluded that the rate of spread of innovative forestry products in time and space is extremely low. It has been established that one of the factors preventing the diffusion of innovative forestry products is the high cost of their creation and the uncertainty of the result obtained. It has been established that the high capital costs of creating an innovative product for commercial use must be compared with biological advantages: growth rate, resistance to diseases and pests, productivity.

innovation, forestry, diffusion, delayed effect
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