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The main tasks of selecting the best option for the route of forest roads through the use of methods based on GIS systems are considered. Such roads are characterized by the use of materials capable of meeting the basic requirements on the transport-operational condition in difficult natural and climatic conditions. As is known, the cost of maintenance and construction of such roads are quite large. Forestry engineers need to predict in advance the optimal route of a forest road. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the whole design area and make a decision for the passage of the route. Thus, the methodology of analysis and optimization of forest road route design on the basis of GIS systems allows to solve this problem. This study presents in detail the methodology underlying some of the key components of the model, including the specified design constraints. The methodology solves tracing problems and provides forest engineers with a powerful tool to find the greatest number of different alignment options in a short period of time. This methodology allows for the evaluation of alternatives for a forest road alignment. The aim of the research was to develop a methodology for tracing forest roads using GIS systems. The result of the work was the creation of the methodology of forest roads routing, taking into account the standards and topographic data of the area.

forest roads, tracing, geographic information system
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