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Currently, the reforestation process has a number of disadvantages, such as the need to use manual labor during the distribution and planting of seedlings; mechanisms for planting seedlings are often equipped with tractors as traction means. The creation of furrows and the preparation of the soil immediately before planting affects the energy consumption of the implements’ drives. At the moment, the inefficiency of planting work is high, since the planting of seedlings with a closed root system occurs in conjunction with a plow. All these factors, when calculated for a long-term period, lead to greater energy consumption when carrying out this type of work. This article discusses approaches to the mechanization of the planting process. Using the experience of planting seedlings with a closed root system (CCS) manually and analyzing the methods of mechanization of planting, it is possible to obtain maximum efficiency when carrying out this type of work. Based on the material studied, a prototype of a planting device suitable for the technology of discrete planting of seedlings with ZKS was selected. Solid modeling of the working body in the Solidworks computer-aided design system has been carried out. When designing the model, the possibility of its production using additive technology using the FDM printing method was envisaged.

forest planting machine, working body, automated forest planting, planting seedlings, planting seedlings with a closed root system, 3D model, CAD
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