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Modern logging equipment, which is supplied in the Russian Federation, supports work with the StanForD2010 standard. It allows you to store data that is collected from forest machines in the process of harvesting round wood in convenient formats. The most commonly used formats in the Russian Federation include stm, prd, drf. Currently, almost all logging equipment and software on it are foreign. Most of the supplied software bundled with forest equipment is partially used or not used at all. However, you can only purchase the entire software package. If the company has forest machines from different manufacturers, it is necessary to purchase software for each of them, which entails significant costs for loggers. Therefore, there is a need to develop similar software that would preserve the necessary functionality to ensure control over the logging process, as well as reduce its cost for the end user. As part of this work, software has been developed for importing and decrypting individual stm files from forest machines, evaluating the size and quality characteristics of harvested wood in graphical and tabular forms, which allows you to quickly analyze and adjust the harvesting process. This direction is relevant for logging enterprises of the Russian Federation.

timber harvesting, harvester, stm file, software, StanForD2010
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