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The biological origin of wood suggests its complex structure, each of the elements of which, has a special effect on the properties of wood. The most visible elements of the macroscopic structure of wood, which include annual layers or layers of growth. By the width of the year layer, especially for conifers, it is possible to make a preliminary judgment on the quality of wood: it is considered that with the reduction of its width, the physical and mechanical properties increase. At the same time, the width of the year layer is one of the most variable parameters of the macrostructure. Its fluctuations cause both internal factors, such as age, and external, which include growth conditions, which include both climatic factors and soil characteristics. The study measured the width of the year-long layer of pine wood in different growing conditions, according to the data obtained, the number of annual layers in 1 cm was calculated.

wood, growing conditions, trunk radius, width of the year layer, macrostructure, quality of lraves, number of annual layers in 1 cm, indifference
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