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The influence of the constructive perfection of suspensions on the efficiency of the functioning of a logging vehicle in the process of hauling timber along insufficiently equipped logging roads has been substantiated. The current direction of improving the suspension of timber trucks, which allows to reduce fuel consumption, the cost of maintenance and repair, and, consequently, reduce the final cost of exported timber, is considered. A perspective scheme of a pneumohydraulic suspension of a modular type, applied to a timber truck, is proposed. On the basis of computer modeling, a preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of the functioning of the proposed pneumohydraulic suspension installed on a logging vehicle during its movement in the process of hauling timber along an insufficiently equipped logging road has been carried out. The main factors that have a significant impact on the operation of a pneumohydraulic suspension of a modular type are described. The dependences of the change in the maximum values of the vertical acceleration of the timber truck, the pressure in the gas cavity of the pneumohydraulic cylinder, the temperature difference on the average height of irregularities, the number of obstacles per unit length of the timber road and the speed of the timber truck are obtained. The numerical values of the main factors influencing the functioning of the proposed suspension are revealed, which provide the best effect when a timber truck is moving along an insufficiently equipped timber road.

timber truck, suspension, modular design, computer simulation, fuel consumption, compactness
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