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This paper presents the results of DNA diagnostics of phytopathogens in the Voronezh region. DNA diagnostics was carried out step by step: isolation of total DNA from the sample by CTAB method, amplification of marker regions of phytopathogenic organisms using primers ITS1 and ITS4, electrophoretic separation of the obtained amplicons in 2% agarose gel followed by staining with ethidium bromide, determination of the nucleotide sequence of the amplified loci ABI Prism 310. The study identified the following plant diseases: Sphaeropsis sapinea, Rhizoctonia solani, Cladosporium herbarum. Along with this, we identified the Neocatenulostroma pathogen, which had not previously been found in the territories under its jurisdiction. This disease cannot be determined by phenological signs. The degree of infection by pathogens ranged from 15 to 40%. At present, the problem of protecting plants from diseases is especially urgent. It has been established that the greatest damage to forestry activities is caused by fungal and infectious diseases. At the same time, among phytopathogens, about 97% are fungal infections, 2% are bacterial and 1% are viral. Thus, the use of DNA analysis for the detection of phytopathogens expands the prospects for the application of the plant protection system against diseases. DNA markers can be used not only to assess the degree of contamination of seeds, seedlings, plantlets and forest crops, but also in the course of preventive measures.

DNA analysis, phytopathogen, Neocatenulostroma, GenBank
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