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Abstract (English):
In the modern world, a person is in constant work, sometimes for a long time he does not have the opportunity to relax in a park, square or in the forest. In winter, it becomes even more difficult, hence the poor health, health problems. Plants can correct this situation, since they have a number of advantages: oxygen production; air purification and humidification; increasing human resistance to stress. Therefore it is necessary to pay great attention to landscaping of interiors. Interior gardening is an independent direction of landscape architecture aimed at creating natural conditions for a comfortable life and effective work of a person in a closed environment. The scientifically grounded introduction of plants into interior design is called phytodesign. This takes into account the biological compatibility of plants, their ecological characteristics, the ability to improve indoor air quality. There are ecological and functional types of premises in which the use of interior plants is possible.

landscaping of interiors, the range of plants, lighting, humidity, resistance

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