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Abstract (English):
: A sudden increase in the technogenic impact on the surrounding natural sphere has created a real danger of the environmental crisis. In this regard, research has arisen on strategic projects for environmental protection activities aimed at selecting low-cost and efficient production technologies. The global nature and the colossal variety of the use of natural resources in economic activity directly necessitated the use of a systematic approach, scientifically reasoned informative and financial analysis of environmental management. Thus, the basic basic principles of the environmental management system – environmental management – began to form. The place and role of environmental management in the general concept of environmental and natural resource activities is considered within the framework of the discipline “Environmental Management”, which is aimed at obtaining information, legal and methodological bases for students in order to research projects and implement concepts of environmental management, rational use of natural resources, promotion of resource and energy conservation technologies. The training manual consists of 8 areas, which highlight the characteristic features of the concept of environmental management, including the organization of the environmental sphere in different enterprises, the essence of environmental marketing, the main statements, types and operations of environmental auditing, waste management and environmental insurance issues, and other nuances.

Environmental management, socio – economic development, environmental community, economic growth

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