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Abstract (English):
Modern technologies are relevant in almost all spheres of activity, including economic. The formation of the digital economy is one of the most important areas of development in many countries, since it is the effective use of digital technologies that will determine the level of competitiveness of organizations, campaigns and countries. This work is devoted to the development of digitalization of the economy in the territory of the Russian Federation and its prospects.

digital technologies, digital economy, digitalization

1. Cifrovaya ekonomika: nacional'nyy proekt, kadry, tehnologii: sayt. - https://rosinfostat.ru/tsifrovaja-ekonomika/, - (data obrascheniya: 22.04.2020) - Tekst: elektronnyy.

2. Cifrovaya statistika. Ministerstvo ekonomicheskogo razvitiya Rossiyskoy Federacii: sayt. - https://www.economy.gov.ru/material/directions/gosudarstvennoe_upravlenie/cifrovaya_statistika/, - (data obrascheniya: 23.04.2020) - Tekst: elektronnyy.

3. Informacionnaya infrastruktura cifrovoy ekonomiki Rossii: sayt - https://www.tadviser.ru/index.php/Stat'ya:Informacionnaya_infrastruktura_cifrovoy_ekonomiki_Rossii, - (data obrascheniya: 23.04.2020) - Tekst: elektronnyy.

4. «Rossiya 24» pryamoy efir telekanal RF: sayt - https://vesti.sayt/, - (data obrascheniya: 24.04.2021) - Tekst: elektronnyy.

5. - Portal gosudarstvennyh uslug RF: sayt - https://www.gosuslugi.ru/, - (data obrascheniya: 24.04.2021) - Tekst: elektronnyy.

6. Novosti «Cifrovoy ekonomiki»: sayt - https://data-economy.ru/news, - (data obrascheniya: 24.04.2021) - Tekst: elektronnyy.

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