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Abstract (English):
This article is devoted to the research of the COVID-19 pandemic affected the economy of the Russian Federation and other countries of the world and its consequences on society. Today, the social policy of the Russian Federation and the whole world is experiencing great stress. The crisis, which arose due to the imposed restrictive measures to ensure the isolation regime in order to prevent the spread of COVID-2019 by foreign governments, revealed previously existing gaps in the provisions of social protection. The ways of formation and improvement of state support of incomes of the population during a crisis situation all over the world are considered. In the conditions of the crisis, the load on the social system has increased many times over, due to the increase in the number of poor citizens. Funding has been introduced for various measures, methods and ways to improve livelihoods and prevent the closure of Micro-Enterprises, SMEs of all types, self-employed and workers, in order to prevent unemployment caused by the global situation. The analysis of the gross domestic product and the effectiveness of the implemented additional measures of state support of the population’s income has been carried out. For example, the leading countries of the world were considered, such as: Russia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA.

financial support measures, income, poor citizens, population, social support, covid-19 pandemic

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