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The article is dedicated to the English King Richard the Lionheart. The authors explore the reasons for the popularity of this king with the English, they made Richard the hero of countless English medieval ballads and songs. The article provides general biographical information on Richard the Lionheart, examining the dynastic grounds for his ascension to the English throne. Opposite to other English kings, Richard received his second noble name “Lionheart” as a result of the Crusade. His amazing courage and even rage for the Holy Sepulchre struggle, sacrifice, energy, commitment to the holy ideals, the talent of a warrior, human kindness are considered the undoubted positive qualities of the king. As the British think these are the basis for this English king to become famous in the history of the country and in the memory of the people. But some historical sources are rather critical towards well-established opinion about Richard the Lionheart, however, the fact of popular recognition of him as a real king, warrior and defender remains unquestionable.

the English King Richard the Lionheart, medieval ballads and songs, commitment to the holy ideals, the talent of a warrior

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