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Abstract (English):
The article is devoted to the film industry in Ireland. The authors explore the phenomenon of Irish cinema, the diversity of its genres and the reasons for its popularity in the modern world. According to researchers, the secret of the popularity of Irish cinema consists of a number of factors: - the national character of the Irish as a nation, which is characterized by openness, sincerity in feelings and their expressions. The audience always likes the Irish humor, especially black humor; - some traditional elements of Irish everyday life – the habit of finishing the working day in the pub, socializing and relaxing after a hard day, absolutely charming architecture, both rural and urban, namely bright, different from the main color of the buildings doors;- the unique nature of the country, the emerald expanses of hills, hills and valleys, rivers, lakes. Almost all Irish films contain scenes of beautiful nature, which undoubtedly adorns any film; - many well-known actors in the modern world who have their own style of playing and creating images.

film industry in Ireland, the genre diversity, the Irish black humour, traditional elements, the unique nature

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